Recovery from Burnout

recovery from burnout

Is it easy to recover? Burnout is complex. Factors that contribute to burnout aren’t only personal ones, such as what we perceive as stressful or striving for perfection at all costs for example, but also job-related or organisation-related factors too. However, the good news is that mild burnout can be relatively easy to recover from, … Read more

Burnout Symptoms – What to look out for

The Three Main Symptoms. Burnout is a growing global problem. In recent years it’s been classified by the World Health Organisation (2019) as an “occupational phenomenon”, i.e., a work-related syndrome. Burnout is a complex issue. It can negatively impact our mental, emotional and physical health the ability to perform at work, our relationships and our … Read more


On Sunday 10th October 2021 we celebrate World Mental Health Day. The World Health Organisation states that “mental health is fundamental to our collective and individual ability as humans to think, emote, interact with each other, earn a living and enjoy life” and it is such an integral aspect of health that “there is no … Read more

The Five Keys to Burnout Recovery now live!

My new book “The 5 Keys to Burnout Recovery” has just been released. I wrote this book, which is based on my own experiences, having recovered from work-related burnout twice, to simplify the burnout recovery process as much as possible, and help people restore their well-being. In this book I reveal the five essential keys to … Read more