Overcome Burnout

Simplifying the Burnout Recovery Process

Burnout is a complex issue and trying to overcome it can be too. The aim of this book is to simplify the burnout recovery process in order to help you restore your well-being, be able to return to work, and flourish.

This book includes:

  • A simple and easy-to-follow “road map” to restore well-being
  • Tips on how to get started on the burnout recovery journey
  • Strategies grounded in scientific research
  • Practical advice to help those suffering from moderate to severe work-related burnout in particular
  • Examples of how I applied the five keys to help me successfully recover from burnout, not once, but twice.

Recognise the Warning Signs of Burnout

It also includes an open, authentic, and detailed account of my own experiences of work-related burnout for readers to learn from. This describes the warning signs, the suffering I experienced, and the challenges of finding my way out of it.

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Burnout - understand why...

"It’s a life-saver! Brilliantly written, thoroughly researched and referenced. Do you understand what your body is trying to tell you? Ignore this book at your peril!"

Amazon Customer ... Reviewed 16 May 2021

Burnout recovery with the Compassion Doctor