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If you've found yourself here, you'll be experiencing one of two things…..



You feel stressed, overwhelmed and concerned you might be HEADING FOR BURNOUT.

This could be you, if…..

  • You've been feeling stressed about work for some time.
  • You're beginning to find your workload overwhelming.
  • You're finding it difficult to switch off after work.
  • You're becoming increasingly tired.

If this sounds familiar and carries on for a long period, you could end up burning out. So talk to me about your situation so you can start to find out what you can do to boost your well-being and prevent burnout.


You feel exhausted, unfulfilled, have lost your spark and are concerned you could HAVE REACHED BURNOUT.

This could be you if…..

  • You feel exhausted. You may even be signed off work.
  • You find yourself getting angry or tearful and struggling to contain your emotions at work.
  • Your job has lost its meaning.
  • A part of you wants to leave your job but a part of you doesn't and so you feel stuck.
  • Your usual coping strategies have stopped working.

If this sounds familiar, then you've probably reached burnout. So talk to me about your situation so you can start to find out what you can do to overcome burnout and get your spark back.


This is a free 15-minute confidential, without obligation, introductory call and is a useful first step. It is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and briefly discuss your situation. It helps ensure you end up working with the right person to assist you too.

Have your questions or points ready beforehand, to make the most of your 15-minute call.

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Price: Free

Burnout recovery with the Compassion Doctor