One-to-One Introductory Chat (15mins)


This is a free 15-minute confidential, without obligation, introductory chat.

Are you possibly heading for burnout but not sure?

Think you might already be suffering from burnout and want to know more?

This chat is particularly useful if you think you may be heading for burnout, or might already be suffering from burnout, but are not sure and would like some clarity, so you can take appropriate action to boost your health and well-being.

This chat is also a useful first step if you know you're heading for burnout, or know you're suffering from burnout and are considering one of my tailor-made coaching programmes. This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and briefly discuss your situation.

It helps ensure you end up working with the right person to assist you too.

I recommend you have your questions or points ready before hand, to make the most of your 15-minute chat.

Duration: 15mins

Price: Free

Burnout recovery with the Compassion Doctor