Here's what my clients say about me....


“I was searching the web for information that could explain my condition and give me some 'tools' to navigate my recovery. Sickness certificates from my GP just stating 'work-related stress' didn't seem a fair assessment of what I was experiencing.

I've since discovered that under NICE guidelines a 'burnout' diagnosis has to be work-related...and I found Dr Buchan's book and read it... Her accounts of her own experiences of burnout were illuminating and reassuring...Dr Buchan gives recommendations for a recovery journey. This was exactly what I needed. The author knows how I feel because she's been there, she knows how to advise me because she's a trained and experienced clinician, with experience of the NHS.

I subsequently worked with Dr Buchan as a [coaching] client and putting into practice what she has helped me to learn to do, using Self Compassion, has transformed my life. The journey of recovery for me will be long but it won't be about getting back to normal; rather it's about journeying into a New Normal." Anonymous.

(This is the shortened version. For the full testimonial, please see The Five Keys to Burnout Recovery book review on Amazon).

Burnout recovery with the Compassion Doctor