My Book on Burnout, “The Five Keys to Burnout Recovery” now live!

My new book “The 5 Keys to Burnout Recovery” has just been released. I wrote this book, which is based on my own experiences, having recovered from work-related burnout twice, to simplify the burnout recovery process as much as possible, and help people restore their well-being. In this book I reveal the five essential keys to burnout recovery, which provide readers with:

  • A simple and easy to follow “road map” to restore well-being
  • Tips on how to get started on the burnout recovery journey 
  • Strategies grounded in scientific research
  • Practical advice to help those suffering from moderate to severe work-related burnout in particular
  • Examples of how I applied the five keys to help me successfully recover from burnout, not once, but twice.

It also includes an open, authentic and detailed account of my own experiences of work-related burnout for readers to learn from. This describes the warning signs, the suffering I experienced, along with the challenges of finding my way out of it and back to well-being and happiness. You can buy your copy of my book here.