From day one Catherine has understood exactly where I’m coming from and the kind of help that I’ve needed. She’s very ‘tuned in’ and intuitive. Her approach has been subtle, practical, nuanced and overwhelmingly helpful. I’m very grateful to Catherine for so carefully tailoring our sessions as we went along depending on how things developed. The time, care, quality and dedication is evident in each of our sessions – she’s truly a wonderful person full of knowledge, experience and wisdom – it’s very natural for her and she cares. Her ability and desire to help people is obvious and I’m so grateful to have met her.”    NICOLA, PRODUCTION EDITOR, FRANCE.

The way I feel about and look at myself has changed a lot. I do feel more peace of mind. I can step out of the negative flow [of thoughts] and concentrate on the positive. Because I look and think in a different way about myself, I feel less judged by others too. Because I feel more compassion towards myself, I feel more compassion towards others. I gained many insights too, when we talked about things. I also had the realisation that all the tools and strength are within myself. I just needed to know how to access them and how to use them. I want to say thank you Catherine, for your knowledge and for helping me. I really enjoyed the coaching and the ‘journey’ together. I would definitely recommend you to my friends and colleagues.    SIETSKE HARMSEN, NURSE AND L&D CONSULTANT, HOLLAND.

Your skill in presenting each session a fresh insight into my ongoing problems, which at first had seemed insurmountable was always encouraging. Besides this, your teaching of techniques by which to cope on a daily basis transformed the way I have moved forward. So, it is with heartfelt thanks to you Catherine that I can now approach the future with confidence. I am truly grateful for all your invaluable help.”   EMMA, UK.


May I express my heartfelt thanks Catherine for all you have done for me. Your knowledge, understanding, flexibility and tolerance is second to none. Our sessions have been invaluable, and I would recommend you to anyone.”   LESLEY, UK.

Having seen many professionals over the last 15 years for help, you are the first person I feel has really helped me. In the words of Oscar Wilde “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intentions”. Thank you, Catherine."   SARAH, UK.

“I just wanted to say “thank you” Catherine for giving me my life back and making me realise what needs to be done. ..You have given me confidence and allowed me to move on.”     JENNY, UK.

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