job burnout quiz


This job burnout quiz has a series of statements that involve people’s experiences related to their work and how their work is affecting them. Be sure to answer honestly, but do not spend too much time dwelling on any one question. There are no right or wrong answers. Respond to each statement by writing the number from the scale below, which you feel most accurately describes your current experience, that is, how you usually feel.

This job burnout quiz is available as a PDF. Click here to download it.

1 = Never

2 = Rarely

3 = Sometimes

4 = Often

5 = Always

Do you:

  1. Worry at night, have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep?____
  2. Feel less competent/effective than before or work harder yet accomplish less?____
  3. Consider yourself unappreciated or “used” on the job?____
  4. Feel tired/fatigued rather than energetic even when you get enough sleep?____
  5. Dread going to work or feel trapped in your job situation?____
  6. Feel angry, irritated, annoyed, or disappointed in people around you?____
  7. Suffer from physical complaints or frequent illness (headaches,stomach/back/neck aches, colds)?____
  8. Feel overwhelmed?____
  9. Think that sex seems like more trouble than it’s worth?____
  10. See close friends and family less often?______

Are you:

  1. More forgetful (about appointments, deadlines, personal possessions)or disassociated than usual?____
  2. Always watching the clock?____
  3. Avoiding conversation with co-workersor isolating from people in general?____
  4. Rigidly applying rules without considering more creative solutions?___
  5. Increasing your use of alcohol or drugs?____
  6. Easily or automatically expressing negative attitudesespecially to changes?____
  7. Absent, out sick more often, or while at work?____
  8. Unable to laugh at a joke about yourself or have difficulty finding joy?____
  9. Experiencing interpersonal conflict with co-workers/family?____
  10. Too busy to do ordinary things (making phone calls, reading, calling/contactingfamily or friends)?

Does your job:

  1. Seem meaningless or filled with too many repetitive situations?____
  2. Pay too little?____
  3. Lack access to a social-professional support group?____
  4. Depend on capricious funding sources or not have enough funds to accomplish agency goals?___
  5. Lack clear guidelines or require you to deal with rapid program changes?____
  6. Entail so many different tasks that you feel fragmented?____
  7. Demand coping with an angry public?____
  8. Overload you with work, demand long shifts and frequent overtime or deny you breaks/self-monitored time-outs, lunch time, sick leave, or vacation? ____

Now total up all your scores for the above to get your burnout score.

Your score: _________

Reference: Post, M. (1981). Public Welfare, Vol. 39, No. 1, American Public Welfare Association.

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