Do any of these apply to you?

  • Do you feel chronically stressed and exhausted?
  • Are you experiencing work-related burnout?
  • Do you want to recover from work-related burnout?
  • Do you want to restore your well-being and recover your resilience?
  • Are you needing help with how to start recovering from burnout?
  • Have you read “The 5 Keys to Burnout Recovery” and want support as you work through the strategies?
  • Do you have questions you want answered about work-related burnout recovery
At Fortigenesis, we understand burnout and restoring well-being. Dr. Catherine Buchan has personally experienced burnout twice in the past and is now experienced in what helps to recover from it and restore well-being and resilience, even during the most stressful times.

Dr. Buchan assists others in recovering from work-related burnout and restore their well-being and resilience through the following: -

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