Book on Burnout

Book on Burnout: Read this to aid your recovery

I have been receiving many positive reviews on amazon for my book on burnout recovery.  Here is one of many 5-star reviews. This one is from Sophie ...

Concise, insightful and actionable.

"Having burned out myself a few years ago, I was keen to learn what I could do to fast track and deepen my recovery and this book is a fantastic guide for doing so. The author pulls the condition apart and explains how to squash burnout, using her own experiences of burnout to illustrate the complexity and impact of the problem. Her work is deep rooted in research and touches upon the far reaching effects of burnout and recovery around the world so is a fantastic, concise read for both individual application and in terms of developing prevention ideology. Would thoroughly recommend!"

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Dr Catherine Buchan

January 2022

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Book on Burnout