One-to-One Coaching Programme


This option is recommended if....

  • You’re signed off work due to work-related stress and suspect you’re experiencing a medium to severe burnout and need or want help overcoming it.
  • You’ve been experiencing burnout for a while and want to work with a qualified professional to help you overcome it and boost your resilience.
  • You want to learn how to sustain your well-being and resilience after you’ve recovered.

How the Programme works

Recovering from medium to severe, or long-term, burnout takes time and is dependent on the needs and context of each person. Therefore, I offer this bespoke coaching programme to help you overcome burnout and bounce back.

1. A discovery session (60mins)

We have a discovery session which helps me tailor the subsequent programme to your needs. At the end of this session, together we agree the number of coaching sessions for your programme, to achieve your goal(s).

2. Coaching Sessions (60mins)

We then have the agreed number of coaching sessions, which is usually between three to five – depending on the level of burnout experienced and what you want to achieve. Extra coaching sessions can be added, if needed.

Intensive coaching is possible with several sessions in one week (subject to my availability) if you are signed off work and want a more intensive programme to assist you in returning to work.

3. Follow-up Sessions (20mins)

Research demonstrates that support is an important factor in overcoming burnout and so follow-up sessions are included in this programme. When the coaching is completed, we usually have a follow-up session two or three weeks after the coaching ends. The subsequent follow-ups are once a month, ideally for a period of three to six months, again, depending on the level of burnout and speed of recovery.

Duration: Between four to six months, depending on the individual.

Next step...

To find out if this unique coaching programme is for you, or if you have any questions about it, I recommend you book a free 15-minute chat with me.

Burnout recovery with the Compassion Doctor