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Trying to Overcome Burnout?

Hello, I’m Dr. Catherine Buchan. If you’ve landed here, you probably found in my book The 5 Keys to Burnout Recovery, so a warm welcome to you.

Although I’ve rebranded as The Compassion Doctor, I still work with people to help them overcome burnout and restore their well-being. This includes using the keys I cover in my burnout recovery book, but tailored to the needs of each individual client.

Got a Question about How to Recover from Burnout?

If you have questions you’d like to ask me about how to recover from burnout, or how to avoid burning out again, do get in touch. Alternatively, you may want to know how you can reduce stress and prevent burnout, given your particular situation, which we can also discuss.

You can either contact me by phone or send me an email.

Interested in Better Health and Happiness?

Are you interested in knowing more about how to have better health and greater happiness in your life? If so, you may want to read my blog posts, which cover topics including why it’s important to stop stress becoming chronic and how to improve mental well-being as well as raising awareness of health and well-being issues that affect either myself or my family, such as endometriosis for example.

You can read my latest blog post here

Want to Find Out about Coaching with me?

I offer one-to-one coaching sessions for women wanting to recover from burnout and restore their well-being. I also coach women on how to reduce stress and prevent burnout, amongst other things, using my compassion-based approach.

I offer short-term coaching consisting of a few sessions.

Longer programmes are also available.

Want to try coaching with me? Experience your first coaching session with me for free

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