Tailor-Made Burnout Recovery Solutions

Are you trying to recover from burnout?

If so, I offer a simple three-step process tailor-made for you, to help you recover and thrive.

Why work with me?

My compassion coaching approach is evidence-based, meaning I teach concepts and strategies that are supported by science.

They are easily applicable in everyday life too.

I also consider the whole person, mind, emotions, body and soul.

My clients know I understand what they are going through as I have been through similar experiences, including overcoming burnout.

I'm not only a compassion coach, I'm also a qualified and experienced psychologist.

So, you can have peace of mind, knowing you are in safe hands.


What to do next ...

Discover my three-step process below. Alternatively, to find out more or ask me any questions you can email me.

burnout can be cured


FREE 20-minute Chat

If you want to ask me any questions or find out if you could benefit from working with me, you can have a confidential and free 20-minute chat with me.

Get in touch to book your 20-minute chat.


Burnout Recovery Discovery Session

After your free chat, I offer a burnout recovery discovery session. During this session, we go through your personal experience of burnout and discover together what you most need to help you to progress and restore your well-being and thrive.

  • 1 x 60mins

To find out more do get in touch.


Burnout Recovery Programme

Research has demonstrated that having support is a key part of successfully recovering from burnout and restoring well-being. Therefore, I provide a burnout recovery programme, tailored to your particular burnout experience and recovery needs. This includes: -

  • A number of 60mins coaching session agreed between us
  • Email support between sessions

Discover what clients who have worked with me say.